The Cosmic Jurisdictions of Universal Cosmology...


105:0.1 To even high orders of universe intelligences infinity is only partially comprehensible, and the finality of reality is only relatively understandable. The human mind, as it seeks to penetrate the eternity-mystery of the origin and destiny of all that is called real, may helpfully approach the problem by conceiving eternity-infinity as an almost limitless ellipse which is produced by one absolute cause, and which functions throughout this universal circle of endless diversification, ever seeking some absolute and infinite potential of destiny.

105:0.2 When the mortal intellect attempts to grasp the concept of reality totality, such a finitemind is face to face with infinity-reality; reality totality is infinity and therefore can never be fully comprehended by any mind that is subinfinite in concept capacity.

105:0.3 The human mind can hardly form an adequate concept of eternity existences, and without such comprehension it is impossible to portray even our concepts of reality totality. Nevertheless, we may attempt such a presentation, although we are fully aware that our concepts must be subjected to profound distortion in the process of translation-modification to the comprehension level of mortal mind.


105:1.1 Absolute primal causation in infinity the philosophers of the universes attribute to the Universal Father functioning as the infinite, the eternal, and the absolute I AM.

105:1.2 There are many elements of danger attendant upon the presentation to the mortalintellect of this idea of an infinite I AM since this concept is so remote from human experiential understanding as to involve serious distortion of meanings and misconception of values. Nevertheless, the philosophic concept of the I AM does afford finite beings some basis for an attempted approach to the partial comprehension of absolute origins and infinite destinies. But in all our attempts to elucidate the genesis and fruition of reality, let it be made clear that this concept of the I AM is, in all personality meanings and values, synonymous with the First PersonDeity, the Universal Father of all personalities. But this postulate of the I AM is not so clearly identifiable in undeified realms of universal reality. of

105:1.3 The I AM is the Infinite; the I AM is also infinity. From the sequential, time viewpoint, all reality has its origin in the infinite I AM, whose solitary existence in past infinite eternity must be a finite creature's premier philosophic postulate. The concept of the I AM connotes unqualified infinity, the undifferentiated reality of all that could ever be in all of an infinite eternity.

105:1.4 As an existential concept the I AM is neither deified nor undeified, neither actual nor potential, neither personal nor impersonal, neither static nor dynamic. No qualification can be applied to the Infinite except to state that the I AM is. The philosophic postulate of the I AM is one universe concept which is somewhat more difficult of comprehension than that of the Unqualified Absolute.

105:1.5 To the finite mind there simply must be a beginning, and though there never was a real beginning to reality, still there are certain source relationships which reality manifests to infinity. The prereality, primordial, eternity situation may be thought of something like this: At some infinitely distant, hypothetical, past-eternity moment, the I AM may be conceived as both thing and no thing, as both cause and effect, as both volition and response. At this hypotheticaleternity moment there is no differentiation throughout all infinity. Infinity is filled by the Infinite; the Infinite encompasses infinity. This is the hypothetical static moment of eternity; actuals are still contained within their potentials, and potentials have not yet appeared within the infinity of the I AM. But even in this conjectured situation we must assume the existence of the possibilityself-will. of

105:1.6 Ever remember that man's comprehension of the Universal Father is a personalexperience. God, as your spiritual Father, is comprehensible to you and to all other mortals; but your experiential worshipful concept of the Universal Father must always be less than your philosophic postulate of the infinity of the First Source and Center, the I AM. When we speak of the Father, we mean God as he is understandable by his creatures both high and low, but there is much more of Deity which is not comprehensible to universe creatures. God, your Father and my Father, is that phase of the Infinite which we perceive in our personalities as an actualreality, but the I AM ever remains as our hypothesis of all that we feel is unknowable of the First Source and Center. And even that hypothesis probably falls far short of the unfathomed infinity of original reality. experiential

105:1.7 The universe of universes, with its innumerable host of inhabiting personalities, is a vast and complex organism, but the First Source and Center is infinitely more complex than the universes and personalities which have become real in response to his willful mandates. When you stand in awe of the magnitude of the master universe, pause to consider that even this inconceivable creation can be no more than a partial revelation of the Infinite.

105:1.8 Infinity is indeed remote from the experience level of mortal comprehension, but even in this age on Urantia your concepts of infinity are growing, and they will continue to grow throughout your endless careers stretching onward into future eternity. Unqualified infinity is meaningless to the finite creature, but infinity is capable of self-limitation and is susceptible of reality expression to all levels of universe existences. And the face which the Infinite turns toward all universe personalities is the face of a Father, the Universal Father of love.

105:2. THE I AM AS TRIUNE...

105:2.2 In following the chronological portrayal of the origins of reality, there must be a postulated theoretical moment of "first" volitional expression and "first" repercussional reaction within the I AM. In our attempts to portray the genesis and generation of reality, this stage may be conceived as the self-differentiation of The Infinite One from The Infinitude, but the postulation of this dual relationship must always be expanded to a triune conception by the recognition of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I AM

105:2.3 This self-metamorphosis of the I AM culminates in the multiple differentiation of deified reality and of undeified reality, of potential and actual reality, and of certain other realities that can hardly be so classified. These differentiations of the theoretical monistic I AM are eternally integrated by simultaneous relationships arising within the same I AM—the prepotential, preactual, prepersonal, monothetic prereality which, though infinite, is revealed as absolute in the presence of the First Source and Center and as personality in the limitless love of the Universal Father.

105:2.4 By these internal metamorphoses the I AM is establishing the basis for a sevenfoldself-relationship. The philosophic (time) concept of the solitary I AM and the transitional (time) concept of the I AM as triune can now be enlarged to encompass the I AM as sevenfold. This sevenfold—or seven phase—nature may be best suggested in relation to the Seven Absolutes of Infinity:



The Shadowless Light

by Beloved Jesus

O Thou Glorious, Shadowless Light of Eternity! Thou Mighty I AM Presence! Thou Light as of a Thousand Suns! Descend, descend, descend into Earth, in such Dazzling Splendor and Power, that all absorb Thy Beauty and Perfection! Thou art All in All, Thou Infinite I AM Presence of Eternal Blazing Light! Thou art the full and only Authority for all mankind throughout the Earth forever! Reveal Thyself everywhere! Release Ascended Master Power without limit NOW, and flood this Earth with Mighty Miracles of Perfection in all activities!

Bring to pass the Eternal Victories of the ages! Let every human being on Earth see and feel the Almightiness of Thy Light, in such an onrush of Thy Glorious Presence, that all become the Fullness of Thyself, Thy Joy, Thy Freedom, and Thy Love forever.

Thou Beloved Shadowless Light of the Mighty I AM Presence! Thou art the Great Treasure House of the Universe! Let Thy Limitless Gifts of every Good Thing pour out upon the Earth their Mighty Blessings and Happiness for all mankind, that a Great Song of Praise may burst forth from the heart of humanity, in Eternal Gratitude for Thy Splendor poured out to all! Let Thy Pure Love flow forth from the Heart of the Secret Love Star and drench the Earth with that Golden-Pink Liquid Light that bathes all in Thy Ecstasy and Glory! Let the full Ocean of Thy Supreme Joy overwhelm this world and make of it a Brilliant Sun of Everlasting, All-Powerful, Limitless Light that casts no shadow; and in which only the Blazing Glory of Thy Absolute God Perfection can forever dwell.

Thou Adorable Presence of All-Pervading Infinite Light from out the Great Central Sun, we call unto Thee to bless us with the FULLNESS of Thyself and hold us safely within Thy Mighty Diamond Heart forever.

We love Thee, we adore Thee, we bless Thee, we accept Thee, we acknowledge Thee, we feel Thee, we praise Thee, we worship Thee, Thou Mighty I AM Presence! — the Eternal All-Enfolding Light! The Light of God that never, never, never, fails! I AM that Light, now and forever!